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Air filter

Ashbourne Recycled Air Filters looking to make even bigger contribution to circular economy 

ESTABLISHED in the mid-1990s, Ashbourne Recycled Air Filters Ltd lay claim to be the UK’s only industrial and commercial air filter recycling company. The business was set up primarily to save businesses money against the cost of new air filters, more so than as an environmental solution.

Over time, however, the company’s core aim has completely shifted towards creating a more sustainable future for all sectors of industry, including quarrying, mobile plant and road haulage, by preventing as many air filters as possible from going to landfill.

On average, the company stops more than 16,000 air filters of all shapes and sizes from being landfilled each year, which equates to around 1,000 cubic metres of what would have been waste, being reintroduced back into the circular economy.

With clientele such as Tarmac CRH, Aggregate Industries, Breedon and Finning UK already experiencing the cost-saving and environmental benefits, Ashbourne Recycled Air Filters are aiming to introduce their recycling programme to more companies, to help reduce their carbon footprint, as it is estimated that in excess of 8 million filters still go to landfill each year in the UK.

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