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Roman remains
25 September 2016 | Quarrying

Archaeologists discover skeleton of Roman man in rare stone sarcophagus at quarry in Dorset

Woolly mammoth tusk unearthed at Tarmac site
17 August 2016 | Safety, Health & Environment

Woolly mammoth tusk unearthed at Tarmac site in Worcestershire to go on display in local museum

Tagged in: TarmacArchaeology
Young archaeologists
19 May 2016 | Quarrying

Children from Roxton Lower School take part in a ‘dig’ at their local sand and gravel quarry

Brass mouthpiece
15 February 2016 | Safety, Health & Environment

Winners announced in British Marine Aggregate Producers Association’s annual Archaeology Awards

Tagged in: BMAPAArchaeology
Ice Age hyena bones
03 November 2015 | Safety, Health & Environment

Exceptionally rare baby hyena bones go on display at Creswell Crags with funding from Tarmac

Tagged in: TarmacArchaeology
Roman copper-alloy sculpture of a harpy

Archaeologists unearth two exceptional ancient artefacts at quarries in Essex and Surrey

Tagged in: BrettArchaeology
Lafarge Tarmac's Baker Hole site
02 December 2014 | Safety, Health & Environment

Lafarge Tarmac site helping to unlocking the secrets of early Neanderthals in Britain

Brenkley Lane archaeological excavation
02 December 2014 | Safety, Health & Environment

Excavations at surface coal mine reveal how area was worked and inhabited through the ages

English Heritage
23 October 2014 | Mineral Planning

Association responds to English Heritage consultation on Historic Environment Good Practice Advice in Planning

Marine aggregate dredger
24 April 2014 | Quarrying

Winners announced in annual marine aggregates producers archaeological awards scheme

Neolithic houses

Four early-Neolithic houses unearthed at CEMEX UK’s Kingsmead Quarry in Berkshire

Tagged in: CEMEXArchaeology
Unique Iron Age whistle found at Brett Aggregates site
20 September 2012 | Quarrying

Archaeologists unearth one of the most unusual and exciting discoveries found this year

Tagged in: BrettArchaeology
02 December 2010 | Quarrying

A WIDE range of Bronze Age artifacts not normally found on prehistoric sites in Britain has been unearthed at Hanson’s Must Farm Quarry at Whittlesey, near Peterborough.

21 October 2010 | Safety, Health & Environment

THE National Association of Mining History Organisations (NAMHO) is currently producing a ‘Research Framework for the Archaeology of the Extractive Industries in England’.

Sharks tooth
19 February 2010 | Safety, Health & Environment

A BROKEN tooth from the Orthacodus family, an extinct group of sharks, has been found in the Cambridge Greensand at CEMEX’s Barrington Quarry, near Cambridge.

Tagged in: CEMEXArchaeology