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Moxy launch Series-II versions of their largest ADTs

A major restructuring programme took place at Moxy last year when the Spilka Group made an agreement with the owners of Moxy Trucks, the Norwegian Government’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce Department, to take up an option to buy the Government’s shares in Moxy. In March of this year they bought 51% of the shares with the remaining shares to be purchased by 31 December 2002. The restructuring process involved a new board of directors with Moxy setting up their own sales and distribution company in Cincinatti, USA. After a difficult start to 2001 Moxy finished the year on a positive note with the factory in full production throughout the winter and the company in profit in the last quarter of 2001.

Moxy traditionally have a strong market for their products in Scandinavia, the UK, and mid-Europe, and see the possibility for further expansion in Germany, France and Spain; this will be helped by an increased number of sales people in the field. Maximum production capacity is 700 units with current annual sales amounting to 400 units — 50 units were sold to the UK last year.

Production development in 2001­–2 resulted in the MT26 and MT31 articulated dumptrucks (ADTs), launched last year, and the Series-II versions of the MT36 and MT40B ADTs launched earlier this year. The Series-II models incorporate a number of improvements first featured on the MT26 and MT31 models.

The Viking

The largest truck in the 40-tonne class with the highest engine rating, the MT40B Series II, to be known as The Viking, incorporates more than 200 improvements over its predecessor.

The main improvement is its upgraded transmission. A ZF 6WG310C electronically controlled automatic unit provides improved shifting with increased operator comfort. New type clutches provide smoother gear shifts and a Tiptronic feature allows for automatic or manual gear shifts. Another new feature is automatic control of the engine exhaust brake and retarder braking. The retarder brake will automatically stop the engine if: the engine exceeds 2,100 rev/min and the throttle pedal is fully released, the brake pedal is depressed or, the engine exceeds 2,600 rev/min.

To help reduce warranty costs automatic central lubrication has been added as standard.

MT36 Series II

The MT36 Series II is available in two versions — HighLine or EffectiveLine. The higher-specification HighLine version incorporates automatic central lubrication, improved driver comfort and a cab ‘top hat’, all fitted as standard.

There have been around 150 improvements to the MT36 Series II. One of the main improvements is the engine, which is a new version of the Scania DI12, water-cooled, direct-injection diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooler. This new engine fulfils the latest and upcoming Step 2 US/EPA and EU regulations. The six-cylinder, 11.7-litre engine incorporates a bigger air filter with an increased filtering capacity. The air filter is located on the cross beam under a new fibreglass bonnet to give less resistance to the air from the turbocharger and to allow easy access for service maintenance and replacement of filter elements. The exhaust system has been upgraded to include two mufflers to reduce both internal and external noise levels.

Other improvements have been incorporated into the driveline, with a reinforced rear axle, strengthened components on the front axle, new articulation and tandem bearings to give 25% bigger radial surface, and an improved articulation hinge bracket made from heavier-gauge material for longer life. Frames and other structures have also been strengthened.

The cab features an improved ventilation and air-conditioning system and the ‘top hat’ on the HighLine version helps to insulate the cab in hot climates. The new fibreglass bonnet also reduces noise and heat levels in the cab. An extra working light with an extra-high beam is mounted on the top of the cab and is standard in the HighLine package.

Moxy Trucks AS, N-6440 Elnesvågen, Norway; tel: +47 71 26 85 00; fax: +47 71 85 55; email: [email protected]; website:

Marubeni-Komatsu Ltd, Padgets Lane, Redditch, Worcs B98 0RT; tel: (01527) 512512; fax: (01527) 502310; email: [email protected]; website:

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