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24 July 2014 | Quarrying | 3
Heavy goods vehicle national speed limit on single carriageway roads to be increased to 50mph
Freight Transport Association
25 April 2014 | Quarrying
Lafarge Tarmac national rail manager to play a key role in ‘Agenda for More Freight by Rail’
20 February 2014 | Quarrying
FTA welcomes introduction of new product to ‘mark’ rebated fuels such as off-highway red diesel
23 January 2014 | SHE
Freight Transport Association releases its annual guide to UK road transport legislation
09 January 2014 | Quarrying
Early bird bargain available for delegates who book a place before the end of January
05 December 2013 | Quarrying
Association says complacency not an option despite reports of high compliance with Driver CPC
FTA calls for safety measures for cyclists
28 November 2013 | SHE
Freight Transport Association calls for intelligent, targeted and evidence-based safety measures
19 November 2013 | SHE
Association calls on drivers not to be distracted by mobile phone when behind the wheel
Freight Transport Association app
19 September 2013 | SHE
Freight Transport Association launches new Internet-based app for use with portable electronic devices
05 September 2013 | SHE
CEMEX help put improved safety for cyclists at heart of FTA Transport Manager 2013 conferences