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Pumping grit and gravel

Genflo have developed a robust jet pump for pumping water which contains abrasive solids. The Genflo AUS-16 is suitable for use in the recovery, separation and transfer of mineral tailings, for the mucking out of tanks and settling ponds, in the clearance of silt from pumping station inlets and in the removal of grit, gravel and other solids that have entered water-circulation systems.

Jet pumps have no moving parts and rely on a fluid supply for motive power. The AUS-16 is simply dropped into the water channel, sump or pond and because of its resistant construction it can pass solids to a separator or retention tank without risk of damage or clogging. Optional disintegration nozzles are provided to break up or fluidize minerals to allow them free access into the suction duct of the pump.

The AUS-16 can pass solids up to 44mm across at rates up to 20 tonnes/h. Fluids can be transferred over horizontal distances of 200m or through vertical lifts of over 20m. The pump can be lowered and left unattended at any angle and is unaffected by large solids or dry conditions.

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