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New weighbridges


"Mettler-Toledo have launched two new weighbridges - the 7531 Truckmaster and 7552 Bridgemaster.

The concrete and steel 7531 Truckmaster weighbridge is constructed from a rugged, wide-flange I-beam with a 20cm thick reinforced-concrete deck to handle heavy trucks without the need for a pit. The low 34cm profile allows for easy entry and exit without taking up space with ramps and scale approaches.

The Truckmaster incorporates Mettler-Toledo's stainless steel Powercell load-cells that are hermetically sealed for maximum protection against the weather and corrosive elements.

The weighbridges are shipped ready to assemble and are simply bolted together. The reinforcing bar for the deck is then installed and the entire scale can be constructed and ready to receive concrete in one day. Once assembled there is easy access to load-cells, cables, junction boxes and weight stabilizers from the side of the scale.

The 7552 Bridgemaster precast concrete weighbridge is a rugged, modular, electronic scale that can be installed either above ground or in a pit. A combination of 7m and 9m weighbridge modules are used to create scale lengths of up to 36m. The design allows for same-day installation and start-up.

The Bridgemaster also uses Powercell load-cells. All metal parts are 'hot-dipped' galvanized, providing total protection against the weather and corrosive elements. Removable covers provide convenient access from the top of the scale to load-cells, junction boxes, cables and weight stabilizers."


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