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New road releases reserves at Croxden Quarry

A NEW purpose-built road at Croxden, Stoke-on-Trent, which represents a £2 million investment by Tarmac, was officially opened last December.

Over 1km in length, the new route replaces the existing Counslow Road and offers major environmental benefits to local residents and road users, while at the same time releasing some 10 million tonnes of reserves at Croxden Quarry.

The construction of the new road has taken 12 months and completes a significant part of the quarry's site development scheme agreed in 1996. Croxden Quarry, one of Tarmac's largest sand and gravel operations and winner of a five-star certificate in this year's QPA Environmental Award Scheme, opened in 1946 when the first recorded planning permission was issued. Closure of the existing road will allow the co-ordinated restoration of three quarries.

Croxden Quarry, which is still active, and two other sites worked over the last 50 years will be returned to their former condition of woodland, heathland and meadows. The new road has been designed, built and financed by Tarmac, with the approval of the adopting authority, Staffordshire County Council.

In addition, Tarmac also consulted with English Nature and other organizations to ensure that both the route of the road and its construction would minimize any adverse impact on local wildlife and maximize positive environmental benefits.

At the official opening ceremony, Adrian Murray, director of development services for Staffordshire County Council, said: 'We need quarries to achieve their full potential but at the same time respect the environment. This scheme is an excellent example of this.'


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