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New connectivity range from Rotech Systems

Brad range of industrial connectors introduced to Rotech’s popular AE- and PE-series of heavy-duty motion sensors/encoders

As part of their continued policy of product development Rotech Systems have introduced the Brad connectivity range of industrial connectors to their existing and popular AE- and PE-series of heavy-duty shaft motion sensors/encoders.

These units utilize the Brad Quick Connectivity range of three- and four-pin connectors, and are designed to make the electrical termination method for on-site installations much easier and allow more flexibility on product interchange ability.

Both units are available in either a three-pin (RS30) or four-pin (RS40) connector allowing use of all the output signal configurations currently required by our customers. There are two connection terminations available in both the AE2000 and PE4000 – RS-series units in the form of a housing or flexible conduit mounting arrangement. Rotech Systems can manufacture the flexible conduit connection method to suit any length that the installation dictates. The Brad connectors are also available for termination to a local installation junction box making the flexibility to relocate the Rotech motion sensor/encoder to other parts of the installation site if the customer prefers.

Shortly this connectivity option is to be re-extended to both the AE3000 and SSE (stainless steel) type units therefore allowing greater flexibility within the electrical output terminations of all Rotech motion sensors/encoders.

Brad industrial-grade connectors together with Rotech Systems continue to develop and provide the best, most cost-effective solution for tough connection applications when using Rotech motion sensors/encoders.

Data sheets:

AE2000 – RS -

PE4000 – RS -


AE2000 – RS -

PE4000 – RS -

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