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Michelin launch new online Pressure Advisor

Michelin tyre

Latest online tool brings safety and efficiency benefits for construction equipment operators  

AS part of their tyre care range of services, Michelin have launched a new online tool (– available to all mobile devices – that brings safety and benefits for earthmover machine operators around the world. The tool is said to be the first of its type that specifically serves the earthmoving industry.  

It is widely known in the construction equipment sector that operating vehicles with tyres at the incorrect pressures is not good for business, but until now it has been difficult to check exactly what the optimum tyre pressures should be. 

Michelin have, therefore, launched their Pressure Advisor tool that will provide operators with the correct tyre pressure and information using any smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

The system works by simply entering the make and model of machine on the first screen. The second screen then allows the operator to establish the exact pressures for the local operating conditions by entering the machine’s empty/moving and loaded/working speeds, plus tipping load and individual axle loads. 

From this information, the Pressure Advisor quickly establishes and indicates the optimum tyre pressures for each axle of the vehicle. There are numerous advantages to operators who use the Pressure Advisor, including: longer tyre life; and reduced incidence of tyre/machine damage which, in turn, improves operating efficiency by potentially minimizing both tyre replacement/repair costs and vehicle downtime. 

Importantly, from a safety perspective, operating tyres at the correct pressure is critical as it optimizes vehicle handling on haul roads and ensures stability when working with raised loads. It also reduces the risk of any internal structural damage occurring to the tyres due to excessive heat build-up or flexing, which could lead to sudden and possibly dangerous tyre or wheel failures.

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