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Holcim and Bloomberg Media in partnership pact

Recycled construction materials have a key role to play in shifting toward a circular economy

Companies collaborate to explore circular cities with first of its kind barometer

HOLCIM are partnering with Bloomberg Media to develop the first ‘Circular Cities Barometer’ – an exploration of best practices in circular construction from cities around the world. The aim of the barometer is to identify positive examples and raise awareness of a city’s achievements in connection with the circular economy.

Holcim have already positioned itself as a world leader in recycled construction materials and chief executive officer Jan Jenisch believes circularity is key to shifting the economy from a linear ‘take-make-waste’ approach to a circular ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’ one.

‘Circularity is the opportunity of our time. It unlocks economic growth in a way that is climate-friendly, nature-positive and socially-inclusive,’ commented Mr Jenisch. ‘My vision for construction is to build more new from the old with recycled materials in every new building. To understand better how to empower cities to become more circular, I am delighted to be partnering with Bloomberg, with the launch of the first Circular Cities Barometer.’

Lauren Kiel, general manager for Bloomberg Green at Bloomberg Media, added: ‘We are excited to be partnering with Holcim to explore what makes cities circular – from the key levers that create progress to the bottlenecks that need to be removed. By better understanding the fabric of this important work, we can empower more circular living for all to thrive.’

Shifting to circular construction strengthens local economies and supply chains, whilst accelerating green growth and creating new jobs in the recycling, repair, and leasing economies. For example, it is estimated that every 10,000 tons of waste that is recycled creates more than 100 new jobs.

According to Holcim, circularity is climate-friendly – as recycling 80% of materials would reduce at least 50 billion tons of carbon emissions out of the global atmosphere by 2040. It is also nature-positive, as replacing virgin materials with recycled ones preserves biodiversity.

The first findings of the Circular Cities Barometer are expected to be unveiled at Bloomberg’s Green Earth Summit in April 2022.

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