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Dunlop launch new crane tyre

Dunlop Off The Road (OTR) have launched a new tyre to the market - the ER50 which has been designed for fitment on crane machinery. 

The Dunlop team have designed and produced the tyre in their Japanese factory and it has been developed to cope with high-speed motorway driving as well as heavy loads, whilst providing good mileage and remaining reliable on long distance journeys.

The new ER50 is suitable for fitment on crane machinery thanks to its versatile non-directional design, tough construction and wide contact patch.

To ensure that the tyre performed to the right standard, Coussens of Bexhill have been testing the tyre on their new Terex AC-120. The bespoke crane features 27 counterweight balance. Carrying out long distance journeys at high speed with maximum loads on each axle (16.5 tonnes), the crane provided a thorough test for the new Dunlop ER50.

Paul Coussens, director of Coussens of Bexhill, said: ‘I have been very impressed with the new ER50 tyre. Previously we ran our fleet on Michelin tyres, however, with the recent problems they had occurred with their guarantee promise we made a conscious decision to remove all of the affected tyres. Tubeline of Harlow who specialize in tyres for industrial and small earthmover tyres suggested that we try the new Dunlop ER50. 

‘As the Terex AC-120 is our biggest and most demanding crane we felt it was a good test for the ER50. We do a lot of long distance journeys with this bespoke crane and in the past have seen tyre issues such as blow outs with the heavy loads and high speeds.

‘Fitting the ER50 in size 445/95/R25 177E – this is the first time I have seen a tyre perform in this way, the Dunlop is quiet and strong, it is non directional allowing for good mileage and, regardless of the load placed on to the axle the tyre side walls sit straight.

‘We have truly pushed the tyres to their limits with no avail; we now have a true confidence in the product to cope with the speed and weight we need to exert on them. We carried out a 250 mile journey to Norwich without stopping with absolutely no problems.

‘Not only has the tyre performed beyond our expectation, we also receive a tyre maintenance service from the Dunlop team who issue regular tyre projection sheets. This enables us to project our usage and expenditure. We have now made the decision to switch our fleet onto Dunlop’s over the coming year; this includes 16 mobile cranes, three lorries, 14 trailers and two cherry pickers. The majority of our fleet are all-terrain cranes and so Dunlop’s will provide the perfect fitment on these machines.’

Goodyear Dunlop Tyres UK Ltd, Tyre Fort, 88-98 Wingfoot Way, Birmingham B24 9HY; tel: 0121 306 6609.

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