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CPA president calls for planning reforms


"IN advance of the Planning Green Paper due to be published this autumn, Construction Products Association president Roy Harrison has written to the Planning Minister, Lord Falconer, calling for radical changes to the planning system to make it more business-friendly."

"In his letter Mr Harrison said that while the planning system may have served business well in the past, it was ill-equipped to deal with the needs of UK businesses in the highly competitive global economy of the 21st century."

"‘Updating the planning system is one of the most important issues that the Government is proposing to tackle in its second term,’ he said. ‘We need major reform, not just tinkering at the edges, if the system is to work with business to help facilitate sustained economic growth and not just be seen as another regulatory burden which acts as a disincentive to business to invest in the UK.’"

"In particular, the CPA’s proposals include the need to: speed up the planning process at all stages; ensure there is greater clarity in the process with up to date and more focused Local Plans and identified long-term areas for mineral working; require any planning obligations to be relevant and appropriate to what is being proposed; and give greater priority to business-related proposals in recognition of the potential economic benefits they will provide."


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