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CEMEX UK launch new conservation book

Michaela Strachan

‘The ICUN Red List: 50 Years of Conservation’ seeks to raise awareness of most threatened species

CEMEX have just announced the UK launch of ‘The IUCN Red List: 50 Years of Conservation’ – the latest in the company’s conservation book series; an initiative which dates back to 1993 and was launched following the United Nations Rio Earth Summit, to help conserve the world’s natural resources.

‘The IUCN Red List: 50 Years of Conservation’ has been developed in partnership with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the world’s oldest and largest global conservation organization, and a long-standing CEMEX partner.

Using the power of photography and words by environmentalists to promote preservation and conservation, the book seeks to raise awareness of the most threatened species around the world, and to guide conservation action and policy decisions both now and in the future.

Jesus Gonzalez, president of CEMEX UK, said: ‘The CEMEX conservation book initiative has become an integral part of our strategy to help conserve natural resources in today’s world, where there are shortages of raw materials and global pressure on energy supply. With the help of IUCN and other conservation partners, such as the RSPB, we work together to provide ever-more sustainable solutions.’

‘The IUCN Red List: 50 Years of Conservation’ was launched at the Barbican in London to representatives from politics, business and the conservation sectors. Speaking at the launch, Dr Jane Smart, co-author of the book and global director of IUCN’s Biodiversity Conservation Group, said: ‘The IUCN Red List is a health check for our planet and a barometer of life. It is the world’s most comprehensive information source on the global conservation status of animal, fungi and plant species, and their links to livelihoods.

‘We have worked with CEMEX for many years and are pleased they have enabled us to bring out this stunning book to increase awareness about the Red List as a powerful tool that helps inform and catalyse action for biodiversity conservation and policy change.’

TV nature and wildlife presenter Michaela Strachan (pictured) also spoke at the event. She said: ‘I’m passionate about saving the world’s threatened animal and plant species, of which there are, sadly, still so many. But it’s important that we recognize progress where it’s due, and it is inspiring to see how CEMEX and IUCN are working in partnership and in a very practical way to put the spotlight on conservation to improve biodiversity and reverse the trends of decline.’

The book is available to download from iTunes.

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