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Renault Trucks

News article

Renault Range C460 8x4 tipper
14 May 2020 | Plant & Equipment

Shropshire aggregates supplier takes delivery of two new Range C 8x4 tippers from Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks
08 April 2019 | Plant & Equipment

Range C and T trucks join Loughran Rock Industries’ bulk aggregates operation in Armagh

Renault truck
26 November 2018 | Aggregate Recycling

Company strengthens transportation fleet with two new 32-tonne Range C 8x4 trucks

Used T460 Renault truck
14 November 2018 | Plant & Equipment

Full package from Used Trucks by Renault Trucks seals the deal with South West-based contractor

Renault Range C430 Tridem tipper
04 October 2018 | Plant & Equipment

Aggregates firm praises highly manoeuvrable Range C430 Tridem tippers and mixers

Cardinalis Concrete
16 March 2018 | Plant & Equipment

Cambridgeshire-based volumetric supplier converts three quarters of fleet to Renault Trucks

Range C Tridem

Ready-mix supplier takes delivery highly manoeuvrable Renault Range C430 8x4 Tridem

Range C
27 September 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Breedon Northern owner-driver takes delivery of new 32-tonne Range C from Renault Trucks Scotland

Renault Range C460 8x4 unit
31 August 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Comfort and strong performance key factors in Range C tipper purchase

Renault Trucks C430 8x4 tipper
13 July 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Renault Trucks Range C430 8x4 joins fleet following comprehensive assessment and selection process

Renault Trucks Range C 8x4
01 June 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Durability, off-road performance and vehicle reliability key factors in Range C selection

Renault Trucks Range K Xtrem
13 March 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Company increases payloads and efficiencies with 5-axle Range Cs and 50-tonne Range K Xtrems

Renault truck
17 October 2016 | Plant & Equipment

New 32-tonne 8x4 tipper with factory-fitted extra axle improves access for aggregate and sand supplier

Renault truck
08 September 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Alien Concrete & Transport take delivery of new 32-tonne Renault C430 Tridem 8x4 truck

Renault truck
11 August 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Five-axle Range C’s deliver more for Tipperary-based construction material supplier