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Climate change

News article

FA Gonzalez
11 May 2022 | Concrete

Compensation plan expanded to include over 4,500 key executive positions around the world

Energy Star
07 May 2022

Company named US EPA Energy Star Partner of the Year for fourth consecutive year

10 February 2022 | SHE

CDP celebrates one of the globally leading companies in its Supplier Engagement Rating

Recycled construction materials have a key role to play in shifting toward a circular economy
02 February 2022 | Aggregate Recycling

Companies collaborate to explore circular cities with first of its kind barometer

White Collar Factory
16 December 2021 | Concrete

Association to model carbonation of concrete across UK buildings and infrastructure for BEIS

Paul Douglas
16 November 2021 | Plant & Equipment

Paul Douglas urges Scottish manufacturers to pursue more environmentally sustainable operations

O.C.O Technology
06 November 2021 | SHE

Carbon-negative aggregate from O.C.O Technology at the heart of climate change statue

05 November 2021 | SHE

Companies become founding members of First Movers Coalition to drive demand for zero-carbon technologies

Digitial conference
14 October 2021 | Quarrying

Professionals working in quarrying, asphalt and mineral products sectors invited to sign up

Science Based Targets initiative
08 October 2021 | Concrete

Company’s greenhouse gas emissions targets approved by Science Based Targets initiative

07 October 2021 | SHE

Company launches comprehensive natural assets action plans in partnership with Ulster Wildlife

07 October 2021 | SHE

‘Let’s Build Beyond’ strategy provides framework for progress within and beyond the company

Pruszków plant
06 October 2021 | Concrete

Company invests in new photovoltaic installation in Pruszków as part of ‘Future in Action’ strategy