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Colin Nottage has worked within the fields of health, safety, quality and environmental management for over 25 years. After having run large health and safety departments in major industry he established his own consultancy in 2006, which was rebranded in 2012 as Influential Management Group (IMG). His philosophy is straightforward, keep things simple and interact fully with the people doing the work. Each month Colin will post a blog on subjects relevant to the quarrying industry.

05 August 2019

People make mistakes, I was once told if I hadn’t made a mistake, I hadn’t made a decision.

In actual fact people make mistakes all the time. Sometimes those mistakes or errors lead to...

04 July 2019

Don’t be frightened of risk but embrace it. Risk can be your friend….

06 June 2019

How bored are you of health and safety people shouting out about the accident triangle?

Telling you to focus on the small unsafe acts and near hits because they may lead to...

11 April 2019

I have been wanting to write this blog for a while now but to be fair I have had nothing to boast about but these last few days have been really rewarding.

15 February 2019

Have you ever heard that before? I hadn’t until I met a guy called Harvey Hardman. I started working with him when Pioneer and Hanson merged in the late 1990s early 2000s.

10 December 2018

I have been watching a few podcasts over recent months on business improvement and it has been interesting to see the ones that are engaging and those that are a bit bland. To me the ones that get...

12 November 2018

I once sat in a board meeting and a really forward thinking operations director said to the managing director: 'How on earth can we expect our managers to be really open and honest about our...

12 September 2018

I have recently read a superb book by Matthew Syed called Black Box Thinking. Very, very basically it talks about how successful business sectors have embraced failure (for example the...

20 August 2018

It’s not me it’s them... stopping the s*!t jobs

Can you put your hand on your heart and really say that you consistently do everything you can to improve your place of work...

31 May 2018

I want to start by thanking people for the great response to last month's blog. I even got some positive feedback from America so things can spread really quickly.

01 May 2018

I often see company campaigns that state that health and safety is more important than production, more important than profit. I usually tag another line on the end. When it suits…


15 March 2018

It doesn’t matter at what level you work in a business you should stay involved in the risk assessment process. For me risk assessment is what good health and safety is all about.

02 February 2018

Get your act together on electrical safety. We have discussed this topic before but it is a ‘Hot Topic’ for the HSE in 2018.

05 December 2017

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful.
And since we've got no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Fortunately we do have...

29 September 2017

Controlling vehicle movements has been a hot topic for many, many years. I remember seeing a HSE publication in the mid-90s called ’10 years of Death’ that outlined 81 fatalities in the industry...