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New washing solutions from TWS

First published in the July 2014 issue of Quarry Management

Terex Washing Systems launch new Aggresand and Aggrescrub washing plants at Hillhead 2014

Pit and quarry operators can look forward to more innovative ways to wash sand, gravel, aggregates, and construction and demolition waste thanks to two new solutions from Terex Washing Systems (TWS), both of which were officially launched at Hillhead 2014.

Last month’s show provided the stage to showcase the Terex Aggresand range, which includes the 165 (up to 250 tonnes/h) and the latest addition, the larger Terex Aggresand 206 (up to 400 tonnes/h), as well as the new Terex Aggrescrub 150 (up to 150 tonnes/h).

The new Aggresand 206 wash plant is the larger stablemate of the recently launched Aggresand 165 and comprises a 20ft x 6ft screen with two- and three-deck options. The plant incorporates modern modular design features and shares all the unique features of the Aggresand 165 wash plant.

According to TWS, customers will benefit from the unique design which includes: full containerization of the machine for ease of transportation; rapid set-up time; pre-wired and pre-plumbed plug-and-play componentry; isolated spray bars; and an HMI control system.

In addition, the level of serviceability within the Aggresand wash plant range is said to be unrivalled within the industry, with innovative features such as roll-out chutes and roll-out centrifugal pumps. TWS have also included sensors throughout the machine to provide the operator with information on water pressure, cyclone feed pressure and electrical power consumption, making the operation and management of the machine highly efficient.

TWS director Sean Loughran said: ‘The market has really embraced the Aggresand wash plant concept with exceptional demand at the moment from around the world. To date, TWS have installed multiple Aggresand 165 wash plants in Ireland, the UK, parts of Eastern Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and Austria.

‘Customers are also finding it easier to secure planning and finance for these modular plants as opposed to traditional static set-ups. We are constantly looking at innovative ways to further enhance and develop our existing products so we can continue to meet the individual needs of our customers.’

Quarry owner Humphrey Dowling, owner of the first ever Aggresand wash plant, commented: ‘The throughput currently being achieved on the plant is excellent and the quality of the aggregates and sands being produced is very impressive. The high-performance two-deck vibrating grid allows us to feed 200mm material directly from the face of the quarry. Large material is scalped off while the –50mm material goes straight into the wash plant. This eliminates the need for expensive pre-screening of the feed material.’

The second innovative new product unveiled at Hillhead was the new Aggrescrub 150 plant, which is particularly suited to the construction and demolition waste recycling market. Key benefits for customers include improved wear characteristics, reduced costs, and the ability to effectively scrub aggregates and float out clays, silts and lights (eg wood, plastics etc) on one chassis.

In addition, a number of paddle options are available depending on customers’ needs, including traditional hard-wearing Hardox blades in 15mm and 30mm variants, as well as a new high manganese steel option. The plant also shares many of the innovative features of the Aggresand range, including modular design, quick and easy set-up, pre-plumbed pipework, pre-wired electrics, an HMI control panel and web-frame chassis design.

The hull of the Aggrescrub 150 acts both as a scrubber and as a water bath. It is fitted with a newly orientated DW062 (6ft x 2ft) trash screen which dewaters any floated-off debris, including plastics and organics, while the scrubbed aggregate is rinsed and sized on a DW125-2D (12ft x 5ft) two-deck screen to produce three clean aggregates for stockpiling.

TWS say another unique benefit to customers is the ability of the Terex Aggresand wash plants and Terex Aggrescrub 150 to combine to provide an effective solution for recycling applications, as well as for pit owners dealing with high agglomerations of clay. The innovative, intelligent and user-friendly control systems on both plants allow full integration between the two systems through the connection of a single plug-and-play cable. Through this pioneering control system, seamless communication allows the plants to work as a single entity with all interlocks, including start-up and shutdown sequences, automatically synchronizing, to further minimize the amount of on-site installation and commissioning required.

Growth in Gulf region

The launch of the two new washing plants comes at a time when TWS are experiencing and responding to increased enquiries and demand for washing plant in the Gulf region through their five dedicated TWS distributors in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, UAE and Qatar. In an effort to develop the Gulf markets, TWS appointed a dedicated Gulf region sales manager in August 2013, to facilitate the additional growth and provide a dedicated line of support for both the TWS distributor network and customers.

The company has already installed a number of static, modular and mobile plants in the Gulf region which are successfully processing crushed quarry stone to produce high-quality sand (typically 0–5mm) and 5–12mm and 12–22mm sizes. To date, the most popular concepts have been the Finesmaster Compact and Bucketwheel ranges, both of which are well suited to single- and double-grade sand applications. Recently, however, there has been increased interest in the true modular washing concepts, such as the Aggresand and Aggrescrub ranges.

TWS say the increased enquiries and demand are ultimately being driven by the return to growth in the Gulf region civil construction market, with a total of $59 billion in contracts awarded last year alone, a level not seen since 2008, while the current value of live civil construction projects in the region is just over $1.3 trillion.

Florin Ioia, TWS’s regional sales manager in the Middle East, commented: ‘The return of growth in the Gulf markets is extremely encouraging and presents exciting opportunities for TWS. We are continually developing our business and have supplied multiple washing solutions to a number of key customers in the region.

‘We have a strategy in place to continue to expand and maximize on the massive potential that is here. TWS provide a one-stop shop for all washing solutions and, with the continued introduction of new innovative wash plants, are set to increase market share in this region.’

Expanding presence in North America

TWS have also recently announced the launch of a new dedicated Centre of Excellence in Louisville, in the US state of Kentucky. Following the appointment of a regional sales and distributor manager in North America last year, coupled with the official launch of the Aggresand 165 in North Carolina in November 2013, the company says North American demand and enquiries for TWS equipment have reached unprecedented levels.

To facilitate this growth and ensure a full and dedicated line of support for the TWS distributor network and customers, TWS will now support all machines sales, part sales and service directly from their new facility in Louisville.

TWS directors Sean Loughran commented: ‘With the fantastic levels of growth we are witnessing across America both in the aggregates and recycling segments, establishing a dedicated location in North America to stock machines and parts, and to manage our sales and service activity in this region, was critical to ensure we continue to provide optimum service and support for our distribution network and end-users.

‘With this facility now fully operational we can react quickly to market demands with on-site stock of our most popular machines. In addition, we have a dedicated parts warehouse stocking hundreds of parts to ensure minimize downtime and, ultimately, to ensure our customers operate at maximum productivity.’

TWS claim to have the largest distributor network in North America with 23 independent dealers and more than 100 salesmen covering Canada, the US, Mexico, the Caribbean and the whole of Central America.

US sales manager Andrew Pickering commented: ‘Developing our business in the US has been extremely exciting. I have witnessed at first hand a dramatic positive shift in activity in the marketplace. The recent launch of the Aggresand 165 in North Carolina paved the way in helping to establish TWS as a market leader.

‘This year presents exciting opportunities for us to continue to expand and maximize on the massive potential that exists here. TWS have a solid product portfolio, particularly with their latest innovative solutions such as the two new products launched at Hillhead 2014.’

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