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A Trio Of New Machines

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Loading & Hauling

Volvo launch new-series loaders, excavators and articulated dumptrucks

Following the launch of the Volvo A35D and A40D articulated dumptrucks a little over a year ago, Volvo Construction Equipment have now completed their 'new look' D-series ADT line-up with the introduction of the smaller A25D and A30D models. Like their larger counterparts, the latest machines offer increased payload capacities and feature Volvo's award-winning exterior styling, together with new engineering features designed to boost productivity through faster dumping, improved braking and longer service intervals.

Both the A25D and A30D feature a more spacious new-generation ROPS/FOPS cab within which noise levels have been reduced to 74dB(A). Wide, angled steps make the cab easier to enter and exit, and an ergonomically designed seat and extensive glass surfaces, in combination with carefully placed pillars and large rear-view mirrors, maximize all-round visibility and contribute to a safer and less-tiring work environment.

Both haulers are equipped with a hydro-mechanical self-compensating steering system which provides effective off-road performance as well as stable steering at higher speeds. The steering wheel itself is fully adjustable and the foot pedals have been positioned for maximum comfort.

The cab's new instrument panel is designed to provide a rapid overview of all available information, while the user-friendly driver's communication system registers and saves operating information during the work cycle and displays data in order of importance.

Optional in-cab equipment includes an improved climate-control system, a rearview system and a reversing alarm.

At 24 tonnes (15.0m3 heaped) and 28 tonnes (17.5m3 heaped), respectively, both the A25D and A30D offer a greater payload capacity than their C-series predecessors, while two single-stage double-acting hoist cylinders and new dumping hydraulics with higher pressure and greater oil flow have contributed to reduced dumping times. Tipping time with a full load is now 12s and body lowering time is 9s.

Both machines feature improved braking systems with well-protected, self-cleaning dual-circuit hydraulic dry disc brakes acting on all wheels. If brake pressure should fail a secondary brake is automatically applied, and if the pressure should fail in both circuits simultaneously, the parking brake is activated as an emergency brake.

Moreover, the highly responsive and sustained braking action of the exhaust retarder and variable hydraulic retarder make it possible for the operator to maintain a high average speed throughout the work cycle with little or no use of the service brakes.

Both models are also equipped with Volvo's patented load and dump brake. When the hauler is in position for loading or dumping, the operator presses a button to automatically apply the brakes and place the transmission in neutral, thereby improving safety and minimizing wear on the brakes and drivetrain. Once loading or dumping has been completed, the operator selects a gear and the brake switches off.

Both the A25D and the A30D are equipped with 10-litre, turbocharged and inter-cooled, electronic fuel-injection low-emission Volvo diesel engines, rated at 2281cW (306hp) and 2421cW (324hp) respectively. These develop high torque at low engine speed, making the haulers easy to manoeuvre in difficult terrain, while the engine's electronic control unit works with the transmission electronics to provide an intelligent system that adapts automatically to driving conditions.

With no daily or weekly service times, the machines require less downtime for maintenance. The steering cylinder and joint bearings, as well as the hitch bearings, are greased for life, and service accessibility has been improved with a fold-down front grille with integral access ladder to the remote filter bank located at the front of the engine. The engine hood itself opens 90o for full walk-round access, while remote drain hoses and a swing-out radiator simplify cleaning.

B-series excavators

Volvo say their all-new B-series excavators combine proven engineering with top-specification hydraulics, an enhanced cab and improved serviceability to provide more power, greater productivity and improved operator comfort.

The machines are powered by a new six-cylinder turbocharged Volvo engine which has been specifically built to respond to the demands of excavator applications. The engine's horsepower is precisely matched to the hydraulic system in order to maximize performance levels, provide high fuel efficiencies, and meet EU Step 2 and EPA Tier 2 emission standards.

To achieve maximum efficiency on a full range of job applications, the B-series' hydraulic system has four power modes that respond automatically to the operator's joystick movements. The boom, arm and slew priority system, boom and arm flow regeneration, and two variable-displacement piston pumps enhance system performance, giving the machines high slew torque, powerful digging forces and rapid digging and slew speeds for faster cycle times.

For operator comfort, the ergonomically designed B-series cab features electronic climate control as standard, while the seat and joystick control consoles can be adjusted independently for maximum convenience. To improve safety, an expanded windscreen (minus the crossbar) and a larger wiping area provide greater visibility.

Additional features of the new over-pressurized B-series cab include: shock-reducing mounts and sound-absorbing material for minimal noise and shock levels; an additional rear-view mirror with an extended viewing area; an operator-friendly instrument panel; and a highly efficient ventilation system.

Volvo say the design of the B-series has focused specifically on ease of maintenance, with long service intervals and a range of service tools such as: Service Contronic, a portable hand-held unit that minimizes the time spent on troubleshooting; MATRIS, which provides operational data, fault-tracking information and service requirements; and VCADS Pro (Volvo Computer Aided Diagnostic System Professional), which allows machine functions to be tested and changed to suit specific working conditions.

E-series loaders

Following the successful introduction of the L220E at Bauma 2001, Volvo have now launched a further four E-series wheel loaders - the L 120E, L 1 50E, L1 80E and L330E. Ranging in weight from 18.4 to 52 tonnes, all five machines are said to combine high productivity, low fuel consumption, low environmental impact and optimum operator comfort, making them well suited to rock and rehandling applications.

The loaders are powered by electronically controlled, low-emission Volvo engines which feature high torque at low engine revs and provide high rimpull and full hydraulic power in the economy working range between 1,100 and 1,600 rev/min. The machines also feature an intelligent load-sensing hydraulic system which distributes power when and where it is needed, facilitating smoother operation, lower fuel consumption and shorter working cycles, even at low engine revs.

Volvo's patented lift-arm system, TP-Linkage, together with a hydraulic attachment bracket provides the E-series loaders with maximum breakout force while maintaining parallel action throughout the entire lifting range.

For the control and monitoring of operation and performance, an integrated Contronic electronic network is fitted on the E-series machines. Utilizing three computers, this system monitors operational functions in real time, stores all data for analysis and allows machine functions to be reprogrammed and updated. Newly introduced Contronic functions include oil and fluid level warnings and continuous monitoring of fuel consumption and ambient temperature.

For operator comfort, all five loaders are equipped with Volvo's ergonomically designed Care Cab which provides an exceptionally clean work environment thanks to its two-stage air-filtration system, while the E-series' new frame design and three-point engine and transmission mount have further reduced in-cab noise and vibration levels.

Volvo Construction Equipment Europe Ltd, Duxford, Cambridge CB2 4QX; tel (01223) 836636; fax (01223) 832357; email: [email protected]

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