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Weir Minerals launch Trio TP cone crusher range

Trio Top Performance cone crusher

New crushers said to offer combination of aggressive action, high crushing force and high power

WEIR Minerals have announced the global release of their range of Trio Top Performance (TP) cone crushers, which are said to offer a combination of aggressive crushing action, high crushing force and high power.

‘Throughout Weir Minerals, we strive to provide customers with the best possible equipment to meet their crushing needs, which is why we developed the Trio TP cone crusher range,’ said Kurt O’Bryan, global product manager for crushing and screening.

‘The new TP cone crushers operate at a higher speed than their predecessors, which provides higher reduction with better shaped material.’

The compact and robust crushers are built with advanced cone crusher automation technology to ensure continuous high performance and application versatility. All Trio TP cone crushers feature a steep crushing chamber angle, a large crushing stroke and optimum speed to deliver a finer product through increased interparticle comminution.

‘Safety has always been the number one priority for Weir Minerals, which is why our Trio TP cone crusher range is designed with self-protecting features to help achieve high levels of mechanical reliability under severe operating conditions, whilst ensuring the safety of both operator and equipment, said Mr O’Bryan.

He continued: ‘Typically, cone crushers are operated with high-tension belt drives that are inefficient, require frequent maintenance and also become OH&S entanglement risk zones. Our engineers at Weir Minerals recognize the importance of energy efficiencies and reducing operating costs. With this in mind, they designed a reliable direct-drive option for cone crushers. The direct-drive system can be combined with a variable-frequency drive to further optimize crusher performance, resulting in significant energy savings.’

According to Weir Minerals, the Trio TP cone crushers’ combination of high flow, high pivot point, large throw and large head diameters results in superior performance.

Moreover, all Trio TP cone crushers are fully instrumented with advanced lubrication and hydraulic systems, allowing customers to monitor vibration, motion, temperature, flow and pressure for high performance, safe and mechanically reliable crushing.

‘At Weir Minerals, our reputation for quality engineering and exceptional service is second to none. Combining decades of experience with innovative designs and the highest quality materials, we believe that our Trio TP cone crusher range leads the industry in terms of reliability, productivity, ease of operation and maintenance,’ said Mr O’Bryan.

The entire Trio TP cone crusher range is backed by the Weir Minerals Services network, which operates in more than 70 countries across the globe.

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