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Webtec continue to support young engineers

Diego Cassio and Ethan Green

Company proudly supports the next generation of young engineers with the National Scholarship Award

This year’s recipient of Webtec’s Roy Cuthbert Scholarship is Ethan Green (right in photo). This award was named after Webtec’s founder, a passionate engineer and entrepreneur who passed away in 2013 and is part of the wider UK Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Scheme. Webtec are proud to be supporters of this prestigious national programme which has been providing scholarships to students since 1991.

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarships act as a beacon to the most talented STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) students in UK schools and help to ensure that high-potential young people stay engaged in the engineering careers pipeline, in the critical 16-18 age range.

Scholars are selected for their potential as future engineering leaders by assessing their academic, practical and leadership skills in engineering disciplines. These are gauged through a selection process comprising of an assessed application form including a teacher’s reference; a 2h, problem-solving aptitude exam; and a university-based interview.  

The Scholarships support students through their sixth form studies and encourage them into top universities or higher apprenticeships whilst offering access to a range of enrichment experiences such as industry conferences, connect days, mentoring, residential courses and university VIP days.

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship awards are supported by more than 122 different sponsoring organizations including commercial and industrial companies, universities, government and trade organizations. The successful scholars receive their awards at an annual ceremony which takes place at the Institution of Engineering and Technology in London.

Webtec recognise the importance of encouraging young talent in engineering and, in addition to the Arkwright Scholarships, the company also actively supports other programmes including the Secondary Engineer Fluid Power Challenge and the Engineering Education Scheme (EES).

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