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WCA becomes Decarb Connect knowledge partner

Decarb Connect

World Cement Association looks to connect with decarbonization leaders in other sectors

THE World Cement Association (WCA) has today announced its knowledge partnership with Decarb Connect, an organization which supports the acceleration of industrial decarbonization. As knowledge partners, the two organizations, in their different workflows, share a similar mission in the area of decarbonization.

Decarb Connect’s goal is to help drive the most energy-intensive sectors, including those with complex challenges to solve, such as the cement industry, towards decarbonization. It provides access to hard-to-reach information in terms of introductions and solutions, and facilitates network relationships across the industry.

Accordingly, WCA’s members benefit from special ticket pricing and also are secure in the knowledge that they have an advocate representing their views within the wider Decarb Connect programme.

‘Under these challenging and uncertain circumstances, it’s more important than ever to collaborate with a wide range of organizations and individuals for mutual benefit by sharing expertise, building relationships in other sectors and supporting industry around the world,’ said Ian Riley, chief executive officer of the WCA.

‘We’re therefore especially pleased with this partnership as it will give us the opportunity to connect with decarbonization leaders in other fields that need to approach the path to net zero and explore a range of ongoing initiatives.’

Decarb Connect aims to inspire urgent change and is organizing next year’s Decarb Connect Digital Festival (26-28 January 2021), at which Mr Riley will speak, sharing evidence-based strategies and roadmaps that will encourage and inspire all stakeholders to follow the net-zero challenge.

‘Our mission is to help hard-to-abate sectors accelerate industrial decarbonization decisions and deployments,’ said Alex Cameron, founder and chief executive officer of Decarb Connect. ‘Through the digital festival and network, our goal is to shine a light on the international projects and strategies that are already achieving results in energy-intensive sectors like cement and aggregates.

‘Right from the start, the WCA has been supportive of our plans and it’s clear that their commitment to helping their worldwide membership deliver on carbon commitments makes them an ideal partner. We really look forward to partnering with them and ensuring that members reap the benefits.’

Knowledge partners support not only the goals of the Decarb Connect Digital Festival, but have also contributed to the structure and content of the event – a global initiative aiming to accelerate the strategies and solutions that will fast-track the decarbonization of the toughest-to-abate sectors.

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