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Volvo CE introduce the all-new EC350E

Volvo EC350E excavator

Mid-sized tracked excavator range extended with all-new 35-tonne general-purpose machine

THE all-new 35-tonne EC350E from Volvo Construction Equipment has been designed to bridge the performance profile of the company’s existing EC300E and EC380E excavators, with operators able to select several functions depending on the task at hand and their preferences. This includes boom/swing and boom/travel priority, enabling one function to take the lead over another.

According to Volvo CE, hours spent in the cab of the EC350E are less stressful thanks to boom and arm bounce-reduction technology, whilst the Comfort Drive control option helps reduce fatigue by allowing operators to steer the machine using the joystick rollers instead of the pedals.

Operator safety is enhanced by bolted anti-slip steps, high-visibility handrails as well as the machine’s ergonomic, low-noise and low-vibration Volvo Care Cab. With visibility at the heart of machine safety, the EC350E’s low machine hood design contributes to best-in-class sightlines to the side and rear of the machine from the operator’s seat. Visibility is further boosted by rear and side cameras, along with the optional all-round Volvo Smart View.

The EC350E is also said to deliver class-leading fuel efficiency, thanks to a combination of features, including the classic ECO mode, selectable work mode and intelligent electro-hydraulics. Delivering high torque at low rev/min, the Volvo D8M engine has a power rating of 1,600 rev/min and comes fitted with auto-idle and auto-shutdown to help reduce unnecessary fuel use.

Moreover, with its auto-regeneration technology, the machine does not need to be stopped to clean the diesel particulate filter. In addition, careful cooling of the turbochargers, thanks to an optional delayed engine shutdown feature, helps avoid overheating and increases machine reliability. Also contributing to increased machine reliability is the electro-hydraulic system, which requires fewer hoses than normal – reducing the need for couplings and minimizing maintenance requirements.

Time and maintenance costs are further reduced thanks to engine oil and filter change intervals of 1,000 hours, as well as ground-level access to grouped filters. In addition, when the urea needs topping up, a new splash guard makes filling quicker and easier – while also reducing the risk of spillage and subsequent corrosion.

Volvo CE’s portfolio of Uptime Services, including oil analysis and undercarriage inspection etc, help keep the machine in top condition, whilst easy-to-read reports – powered by Volvo’s CareTrack telematics system – help owners to track productivity, fuel efficiency and machine condition. For even less hassle, Volvo Uptime Centres can monitor machine performance and notify customers, if required, through the Volvo Active Care service.

Key specifications (based on machine configuration: EC350E L; boom 6.45m; arm 3.2m):

  • Operating weight: 34,690–40,600kg
  • Gross power: 220kW (295hp)
  • Bucket Capacity: 0.87–2.33 cu m
  • Max digging reach: 11,123mm
  • Max digging depth: 7,490mm
  • Breakout force (normal): 177kN
  • Breakout force (boost): 192kN
  • Tearout force (normal): 201kN
  • Tearout force (boost): 219kN.

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