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Volvo CE introduce new P8820D ABG paver

Volvo P8820D ABG

New D-series machine combines size and flexibility and delivers enhanced reliability and productivity

THE new 2.5m based P8820D ABG paver from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) aims to provide the ultimate in paving reliability and productivity with its high-capacity hopper and high-performance Volvo engine.

The paver’s 325mm wide and 3,120mm long tracks combined with its robust frame and components ensure stability and smoothness throughout the paving process. This new model also has a maximum paving width of 13m and a paving thickness of up to 300mm, and with a hopper capacity of 14.7 tonnes and a large conveyor tunnel, the P8820D ABG is able to achieve an output of 1,100 tonnes/h.

The Volvo engine is specifically tuned to meet the needs of the hydraulic system and combines high torque at low rev/min for superior performance and efficiency. Fuel consumption can be further reduced with the introduction of intelligent features such as adaptive ECO Mode, which matches engine output to job site requirements.

This gives operators the power to perform as well as reducing noise levels – benefitting the paving crew and local community alike. Insulated components throughout the machine offer further noise reduction.

With a range of configurations available, Volvo CE say the paver can be used in a wide range of specialist applications in addition to asphalt paving, achieving high levels of pre-compaction behind the screed in activities such as ballast paving and working with cement-treated base and roller-compacted concrete materials.

Key features of the P8820D ABG paver include:

  • Increased auger height adjustment ranges from 120mm to 200mm, which allows for optimal material flow in the auger channel for a wide range of layer thicknesses up to 300mm.
  • Unique Volvo automatic hydraulic track tensioner increases uptime and reduces operating costs by providing more precise and stable steering, whilst the durable track scrapers further contribute towards a smoother surface finish.
  • Optional Volvo-patented screed load device ensures consistent high-quality results by preventing start-off bumps. The screed tensioning device locks torsional stiffness across the length of the screed, ensuring a consistent angle of attack across the full screed width, resulting in consistent layer thickness.
  • Ready to ‘plug-and-play’ with a variety of levelling equipment – including 3D levelling.
  • Soft dock option helps to absorb impact during docking thanks to damped push rollers that keep mat quality high due to reduced risk of marks behind the screed.
  • For quick and safe servicing, the P8820D ABG has improved service access to essential checkpoints via a wide opening access hatch on the operator platform, thereby reducing downtime and minimizing operational costs.

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