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UPS win new Aggregate Industries servicing contract

UPS win new Aggregate Industries servicing contract

United Plant Services to keep aggregate firm’s plant fleet up and running with new servicing contract

PLANT machinery maintenance specialists United Plant Services (UPS) have announced their latest servicing contract win, which is designed to deliver a far-reaching working partnership with Aggregate Industries.

Aggregate Industries, who operate more than 70 quarries across the UK, will be employing the skilled expertise of UPS’s nationwide network of engineers, in a move aimed at keeping their extensive, multi-site portfolio of plant equipment, up and running.

The quarrying firm’s operations are dependent on the results-driven performance of more than 600 plant vehicles and machines, all of which demand reliable maintenance and repair services to effectively minimize downtime.

To improve efficiencies, Aggregate Industries have awarded the new service and maintenance contract to UPS; a carefully considered decision that will work to keep machines throughout the company’s extensive fleet performing at optimum levels.

In total, UPS have been assigned servicing responsibility for 50% (based on region) of Aggregate Industries’ plant assets, involving machines located across Northern Scotland, Northern Ireland and the south-east of England.

Known for an ability to provide clients with a nationwide network of consistent, high-quality, multi-brand engineering support, UPS say their team of engineers will now offer fast, effective services – regardless of machine manufacturer or location – to Aggregate Industries, both through a mobile network of appointed operatives, and via two on-site workshop facilities.

The quarry-based workshops are located at Aggregate Industries’ sites in Cookstown, Northern Ireland, and on the Isle of Grain, in Kent. By being based at these specialist facilities, teams of qualified engineers will be able to maximize the maintenance and specialist services available to Aggregate Industries, while providing concentrated breakdown response.

The development of the new contract, together with the introduction of the specialist workshops, will involve TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings – Protection of Employment), to ensure employment continuity for existing members of Aggregate Industries’ staff.

The contract will also signify the introduction of UPS and their services to the Northern Irish market for the first time.

‘We’re thrilled to have been selected as the appropriate service partner for this extensive contract,’ said UPS managing director Mark Cooper.

‘There are not many plant machinery maintenance specialists that carry the staff, skill set and logistical expertise to successfully undertake a contract with such far-reaching parameters, while simultaneously supplying services from on-site facilities.

‘We’re positive that this exciting new appointment will give us a transparent platform to demonstrate our capabilities and set improved standards in service delivery, both from our mobile network and new dedicated workshops.’

Commenting on Aggregate Industries’ decision to select UPS as their service provider, Paul Mitchinson, national HME fleet manager, said: ‘Aggregate Industries currently operate a varied range of assets throughout the UK, and United Plant Services have demonstrated their technical ability to provide a service which caters for all of these asset types.

‘The newly introduced software package which UPS is using will provide paperless real-time reporting and tracking of scheduled and completed works. This means all our UK sites will have access to the UPS portal to view events and download information as required.

‘We are very keen to start working with UPS to provide a seamless maintenance solution to reduce downtime and increase utilization throughout the fleet. We believe UPS will be able to provide an honest, transparent asset support service giving, Aggregate Industries many options throughout the diverse fleet, whilst never compromising on quality or safety.’

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