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Torsus introduce the mighty Praetorian

Torsus Praetorian off-road bus

Rugged four-wheel-drive bus offers ideal transportation solution for mines and quarries

WHEN crews are needed on site, the Torsus Praetorian will get them there. The world’s first heavy-duty off-road bus is designed to transport personnel and equipment over rough terrain in the toughest conditions – making it the ideal transport solution for many heavy industries, including mining and quarrying.

Officially launched at Hillhead 2018, the Torsus Praetorian has steadily gained attention from mining and quarrying sectors around the world, because of its potential to deliver efficiencies in transportation and site operations.

Torsus chief executive officer Vakhtang Dzukashvili commented: ‘Until now, heavy industries have had to rely on fleets of SUVs and converted minibuses to transport their crews in and out of operational areas.

‘These vehicles either aren’t capable of transporting workers in large enough numbers or are unsuitable for the rigours of the environment in which they operate, with frequent breakdowns, short life cycles and high costs of maintenance, parts and replacements.’

Toughing it out in the harshest conditions is exactly what the Praetorian is designed for. With its heavy-duty construction, 398mm ground clearance under the axles and rugged off-road capability, the vehicle boasts a payload of up to 35 passengers and four-wheel drive as standard.

Based on a MAN chassis, it is powered by a six-cylinder MAN 6.9-litre diesel engine that produces 240hp and 925Nm of torque.

The Praetorian offers an adaptable and multi-functional off-road vehicle platform with a range of designs from personnel transporter to ambulance, fire and rescue vehicle, cargo and utility models. With multiple configurations and customization options available, Torsus say it is adaptable to meet almost any specific customer requirements.

Mr Dzukashvili added: ‘We are excited to launch the Praetorian to markets around the world. With a choice of left- or right-hand drive and an engine range from Euro III to Euro VI, this allows the best options for our customers and full vehicle certification for any region.’

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