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Tier 4 solution for C-Series excavators

Case Construction to unveil seven C-Series excavators models at Intermat 2012

Case Construction Equipment will unveil a further seven models in their Tier 4 interim-powered C-Series crawler excavator range at Intermat 2012. Case state that the low-emission engines and technically advanced Case Intelligent Hydraulic System in these machines leads to a 10% fuel efficiency improvement over the B-Series models.

The CX130C, CX160C, CX180C, CX210C, CX210C Long Reach, CX470C and CX470C ME excavators deliver improved digging performance with lower emissions and reduced consumption. Five new energy-saving systems contribute to a substantial cut in operating costs for customers, with revised boom design leading to an increase in productivity and durability.

The Tier 4 interim-compliant engines in the seven machines use cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) to provide a cleaner burn. Customers with B-Series models will have already seen up to a 20% fuel improvement over older models and some competitors. With the C-Series excavators Case say they can expect up to a further 10% efficiency improvement.

The Case Intelligent Hydraulic System incorporates five energy-saving systems:

  • Boom Energy Save lowers engine revs during boom lower and swing operations
  • Auto Energy Save system cuts engine revs when the joystick control levers are inactive
  • Swing Relief Control manages the hydraulic power distribution at the start of a slewing operation to provide the most efficient use of hydraulic flow and pressure
  • Spool Stroke Control automatically adjusts the hydraulic pressure during digging operations.
  • Idle Shutdown turns the engine off after a preset time has elapsed.

The new C-Series models boast up to 5% faster cycle times than their B-Series predecessors, though with smoother and easier controls. Lift capacity is increased by around 6%, depending on the model.

A full range of buckets and attachments is available for the C-Series models. The revised line of excavation buckets are all available with the Case SmartFit bucket tooth system, allowing rapid change of bucket teeth without the need to hammer out pins.

The C-Series cab is 5% larger than the B-Series, with a smaller top beam and no overlap in the front windows contributing to improved all-round visibility. Four mirrors provide an excellent view to both sides of the machine, while a rear-view camera is fitted as standard and a side view camera available as an option. The camera feed is displayed on a new 7in LED monitor inside the cab, with a simple switch between rear and side views.

Internal noise levels have been reduced to 69.9dB(A), making the C-Series cab as quiet and relaxing to operate as a luxury car. Air conditioning performance has been improved, with 8% increased output to ensure that the operator is comfortable throughout the working day. The cab is fitted with a standard suspension seat, along with joysticks with four adjustable positions and travel pedals that require 30% less effort.

The new in-cab monitor offers improved visibility with the possibility for the operator to make a number of machine function adjustments from the seat. This includes up to 10 memory recall settings for auxiliary hydraulic flow and pressure, to make changing between attachments a simple and rapid task. The monitor also provides an on-board diagnostic service for technicians, reducing downtime and boosting productivity.

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