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Third Volvo wheeled paver for OIS

Volvo P6870C wheeled paver

Product support key to purchase of surfacing company’s third P6870C wheeled paver

PHIL and William O’Rourke, proprietors of Portsmouth-based O’Rourke Infrastructure Services Ltd (OIS), who specialize in surfacing contracts across the whole of the south of England, have recently taken delivery of their third Volvo P6870C wheeled paver.

Established in 2010, the family-run business began by purchasing a second-hand Volvo paver that had been factory rebuilt. This was soon replaced with a brand-new machine, which has now just been replaced by the company’s third P6870C wheeled paver.

‘It’s all about the support and back up,’ said Phil O’Rourke. ‘Don’t misunderstand me – the P6870C is an excellent paver, it lays an exceptionally good mat and is a reliable machine, but it’s SMT’s ability to support us when we need it which is the underlying reason for continuing with Volvo pavers.’

His son, William, said: ‘SMT’s engineer Jay Bridgstock always goes the extra mile to help us resolve any issues when they occur. We simply cannot fault this level of support – it’s first class. And our SMT contact, Colin Mackenzie, is always ready to deliver what is promised and to rectify any issues without fuss. His knowledge and passion for the brand is very reassuring.’

Commenting on the P6870C paver itself, Phil O’Rourke said: ‘As a machine operator, I’m really impressed with the machine’s adaptability, from working on car parks, school playgrounds and leisure complexes, to full-scale production output for road-surfacing contracts.

‘Since we started up, we have prided ourselves on offering an efficient service for our clients, which is helped by operating efficient and reliable equipment that is well supported.’

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