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Tarmac to restructure cement distribution

Tarmac logistics

Company moving to more flexible regional transport model for Cement and Lime division

TARMAC are to restructure the distribution model for their Cement and Lime division to deliver an enhanced service for their customers.

A comprehensive strategic review has informed the decision to move to a more flexible regional model for both bulk and packed cement distribution, which have previously operated on a national basis. 

Tarmac’s own fleet operations will handle around 50% of bulk cement and 20% of packed cement distribution, supported by six regional distribution providers selected through a rigorous procurement process.

Mike Eberlin, managing director at Tarmac Cement and Lime, said: ‘Our supply chain and logistics operations are crucial to maintaining Tarmac Cement and Lime’s position as the UK’s market leader.

‘The new regional transport operating model will provide enhanced resilience, flexibility, service, cost and safety for our customers, who trust us to deliver the products they need to realize major projects.

‘With a demanding pipeline of construction and infrastructure projects coming online across the country, now is the perfect time for us to proactively change. Our strengthened network capability means we’re able to offer a better, more flexible service to meet customer requirements going forward.’

Tarmac Cement and Lime’s regional distribution partners will be engaged on new five-year logistics contracts, effective from December 2018.

They are: Abbey Logistics (bulk cement – Scotland), Pollocks (packed cement – Scotland & North), Lomas Distribution (bulk and packed cement – Central), Wincanton (bulk and packed cement – South West), Stobarts (bulk and packed cement – South East) and Proctors (packed cement – Barnstone).

Tarmac’s Lime & Powders operation will remain fully subcontracted on a national basis to Lomas Distribution (bulk lime and powders and lime tippers) and RR Andrews (powder tipper operations).

There is no change to customer order arrangements.

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