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Tarmac support Road Heroes Day

Unsung heroes

Company celebrates the unsung heroes of the UK’s roads and highlights pioneering work and innovation

TARMAC are today (6 September) supporting Road Heroes Day, a national campaign to celebrate the unsung heroes of the UK’s roads and highlight the pioneering work and innovation taking place across the wider highways industry.

Co-ordinated by the Department for Transport, the campaign marks an opportunity for road maintenance, contracting and construction businesses, highways agencies, local councils and the general public to collectively raise awareness about the people who work tirelessly to build, operate and maintain the nation’s road networks, both during the day and at night-time.

The day also celebrates some of the industry’s cutting-edge technical innovation and best-practice examples that are helping to boost efficiency, improve safety, minimize disruption and reduce the environmental impact of roads.

Paul Fleetham, managing director of construction at Tarmac, said: ‘Road Heroes Day represents a timely opportunity to appreciate the invaluable work that so often goes unrecognized in building and maintaining our nation’s roads.

‘Undoubtedly, the highways industry’s best asset is the strength in depth, skill and expertise of its workforce, and it’s only right that we should celebrate all those people dedicated to keeping our communities connected and our economy moving.

‘Across Tarmac, we’re proud to…combine the technical capability of our expert team with our groundbreaking innovations to continually deliver outstanding results for our customers and road users.’

Tarmac have recently pioneered a number of innovative new technologies, including becoming the first company in the UK to develop an asphalt using granulated rubber capable of recycling end-of-life tyres (ELTs) into roads. A new road surface using this product is currently being trialled on the M1 motorway by Highways England.

The company has also rolled out state-of-the-art management software across its highways projects which uses GPS technology to plan and programme these projects in meticulous detail. This also provides live updates throughout each working shift, supporting real-time decision-making through a comprehensive supply of data.

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