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Tarmac rise to the challenge

Tarmac and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) have launched the Bird Challenge for Business 2000, a year-long campaign aimed at recognizing the conservation achievements of British businesses and encouraging others to make their sites bird and wildlife friendly.

Following an appeal from Tarmac, business entries have been 'flying in' and employees from a variety of companies are now recording bird sightings. Among Tarmac employees involved in the challenge is Clive Kirby, manager of Langford Quarry in Nottinghamshire. He is responsible for the restoration of a 170ha site within Langford Quarry which is being returned to its former wetland state.

Along with a team of dedicated staff, Mr Kirby conducts bird survey reports, establishes nesting areas and looks after the welfare of the wildlife at the site. Last year staff found a nesting area close to an excavation face and proceeded to erect warning posts and rearrange loose rocks around the area to shelter the nest from the quarrying activity.

Clive James, managing director of Tarmac's central region, commented: 'The number and variety of business sites participating in the competition is really encouraging and proves that Tarmac are not alone in their beliefs that by working in close partnership with environmental organizations, such as the BTO, we can help preserve and frequently create new wildlife habitats.'

The competition will be judged on the number of species a site can attract, whether work practices leave space for birds and other wildlife, and whether the local community is involved in conservation initiatives.

Conservation and community awards which aim to acknowledge the conservation achievements of deserving participants will also be awarded by the BTO-Tarmac partnership.

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