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SANY conduct unmanned paving fleet demo

Unmanned SANY paving fleet demo

Driverless road machine fleet performs cement-treated paving and compacting demonstration

ON 4 December 2020, a fleet of SANY unmanned road machines, consisting of two pavers, two single-drum rollers, two tyre rollers and one double-drum roller, conducted a co-ordinated demonstration of cement-treated paving and compacting on the main road leading to Xiong’an New Area – part of the newly named China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

A mobile base station and a control room located a short distance from the demo area enabled remote-controlled operation of the seven units. All vehicle operations were automated, with working parameters being set in advance, such as route, paving speed, rolling speed, rolling times and lap width.

Equipped with a 3D leveller and an infrared temperature monitor, the pavers continuously monitored the paving thickness and temperature in real time. This new, automated levelling system eliminates the need for manual tasks such as the use of string lines, stakes and averaging beams, which can cause errors.

Witnessed by government officials and industry authorities from across China, the event showcased the capability of SANY road machinery and indicated the significant role the construction equipment manufacturer will play in building the ‘city of the future’. 

According to on-site experts, the operation conducted by the fleet of intelligent, co-ordinated, unmanned road machines met the required standards for smoothness, compactness and segregation control.

With the potential to outperform traditional methods in terms of efficiency and precision, this type of unmanned multi-machine paving operation is said to mark a milestone in the development of road construction and pavement technologies.

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