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Rye Demolition opt for new VTN scrap shear

CI15000-R scrap shear

ECY Haulmark supply remodelled CI5000-R unit for dismantlement of former Kodak factory 

HERTFORDSHIRE-based Rye Demolition are renowned for taking on large and complex demolition projects. With a wide variety of machines and attachments across its fleet and disposal, the company recently won a two-year contract to oversee the demolition and ground remediation of the former Kodak factory in Harrow, North London.

What is now left on the seven-acre former Kodak site appears a large and daunting challenge for Rye Demolition; as well as the high and imposing brick façades, the factory also has many internal heavy industrial metal structures.

A key challenge for the company is the complexity of cutting up and removing the myriad of redundant turbine and lubrication systems, alternators, control panels and significant amount of metal flue and piping which remain inside the huge building.

As distributors for the VTN Europe brand of attachments in the UK, ECY Haulmark recommended the recently remodelled CI5000-R scrap shear as the ‘perfect tool for this type of work’ to Rye Demolition. 

The VTN CI-R series has been redesigned specifically for heavier weight excavators working in the processing of heavy-duty metals and structures. The jaw type and wide mouth opening, for example, have been redeveloped for grabbing/cutting all sizes of materials and, thanks to a dedicated speed valve, the CI-R shear optimizes cycle times.  

A new jaw alignment and fixed jaw fulcrum pin grant guides precise material cutting. In addition, a rotation system with double bearings (in a row) allow operators to achieve a suitable position of the material to be processed, helped also by the break system inside the swinging motor.

The CI5000-R shear has been dipper mounted on to Rye Demolition’s Hitachi Zaxis 490LCH excavator. This being a five-tonne shear, with a jaw opening and depth of more than 740mm, delivering a cutting strength of 890 tonnes distributed across the kinematics of the jaw. Suitable for 30-tonne plus excavators, the CI5000-R is capable of cutting steel surfaces thicker than 60mm.

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