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r2c Online boosts business growth for Axtell

Axtell volumetric truck

Community-based software platform delivers wide range of fleet and business-boosting benefits

SURREY-based concrete providers Axtell Ltd say they have seen a range of business-boosting benefits, including centralized communication, enhanced visibility and improved compliance management, since joining the r2c Online service network.

After using a combination of disparate digital systems and paper forms to manage the compliance and maintenance of their fleet of around 120 assets, Axtell decided to switch to r2c Online, a community-based software platform that connects fleets and workshops for best-practice management.

Russell Hughes, transport manager at Axtell, explained the original reasons for switching: ‘Ultimately, we wanted to improve our compliance management. Using a number of different systems, we’d end up double-keying a lot of information, which resulted in wasted time and miscommunication at times.

‘We were also impacted by the Government’s decision to add [volumetric] mixers to the O Licence in September 2018; this challenged our current admin capacity and was the final push for us to look at more robust systems.

‘That’s why we selected r2c as our software partner. We liked the fact that the platform was community-focused, so everything is all in one place. We’re all working on the same system across our depots, our internal workshop, as well as our external suppliers. This means communication has improved both internally and externally, fundamentally getting our vehicles back on the road quicker.’

Explaining how the r2c Online software platform has transformed his day-to-day operations, Mr Hughes said: ‘I now have everything I need to know at all times on my dashboard and that’s priceless. I know exactly where we are with compliance breaches and MOTs in real time, whether I’m in the office or out in the yard or at meetings. r2c saves me hours each day when it comes to filing and chasing up paperwork.’

According to Mr Hughes, beyond the benefits for transport management, the entire business has seen changes since adopting r2c. ‘Implementing the system has meant we have better use of time across the business,’ he explained.

‘Management can now focus on business performance and growth, as we have the visibility of what’s going on, rather than wasting time on administrative tasks. It also saves us so much time when it comes to a FORS or DVSA audit, as it’s all instant and gives us complete peace of mind.’

Mr Hughes concluded: ‘Next up in our digital plan, we would like to join the Earned Recognition scheme. We want to achieve that top level of compliance management and we now have the software that allows us to work to best-practice levels.

‘We’re also looking at r2c’s new Parts Management product to run in conjunction with our digital invoicing module and give us a full insight on what our vehicles are costing us.

‘Our team has been really happy with both the support helpdesk and our customer success manager, so much so that we’ve already recommended r2c to a number of other businesses in the industry.’

Nick Walls, managing director of r2c Online, commented: ‘It’s great to hear of the benefits and fast return on investment Axtell have seen since adopting our community platform, and I’m looking forward to hearing of their further successes.

‘Our software is designed to boost performance for fleets and their supply chains as we work towards achieving a more profitable and efficient industry, with more than 27,000 businesses currently part of our online service network.’

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