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R Collard take UK’s first Volvo demolition-spec EC750E machine

Volvo EC750E excavator

Hampshire-based firm strengthens mobile plant fleet with new 75-tonne excavator

R COLLARD Ltd have taken delivery of the first demolition-specified Volvo EC750E excavator to be sold in the UK. Bolstering the company’s extensive mixed fleet of mobile plant, the new machine was purchased after R Collard won a major 12-month demolition contract to take place in west London. 

‘We were impressed with the specification and build quality of the EC750E when we went to Rotterdam to inspect the machine at Volvo’s European machine receiving centre,’ said managing director Robert Collard. ‘Watching it go to work on its first day on site, I’m equally impressed with the machine’s performance and very satisfied with our purchasing decision.’

On the London project, the demo-spec EC750E will be used to dismantle disused multi-storey buildings and car park structures on an extensive 20-acre site. The excavator is powered by a 16-litre V-ACT engine (Stage IV-compliant) that develops 533hp and works in conjunction with an advanced-mode control system to ensure the maximum hydraulic horsepower available is delivered at a constant engine speed under varying load conditions. 

The machine delivers a maximum torque of 2,570Nm at 1,350 rev/min, while its sophisticated hydraulic system ensures maximum fuel efficiency is achieved through every work cycle. 

Equipped with a mass-excavation boom (7.7m), dipper arm (3.55m) and Hills hydraulic hitch, the EC750E is fitted with a heavy-duty 4.0 cubic metre-capacity bucket and a range of demolition tools, including a 7.5-tonne Verachtert shear which can tackle both concrete and steel. The excavator can also be equipped with both hammer/shear lines and an X3 rotation circuit. 

For operator convenience, the demolition plant can be programmed with pre-set flows and pressures for the different attachments being used. For example, the Verachter shear operates at 800 litres/min and a working pressure of 350bar. 

Other key features of the machine include: a full FOGS guard surrounding the operator cab; full slew-ring protection; bucket and boom cylinder guards to protect against falling debris; and SIPS protection. 

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