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R Brunone launch the Sparcric G

Sparcric G conveyor maintenance tool

New handling and lifting tool reduces downtime and eliminates risk during conveyor maintenance operations

THE replacement of rollers on a conveyor belt is a typical quarry maintenance operation that can result in loss of productivity and the risk of injury.

The task usually involves two operatives, often using tools that are not suitable for this type of activity, such as bars, forklifts or hoists.

Now, however, R.Brunone have introduced the Sparcric G – a new and unique maintenance solution designed to aid the replacement of rollers on any conveyor belt.

Sparcric G uses an airbag to effectively lift the belt away from the rollers, allowing maintenance engineers to access three sets of rollers at a time.

With the Sparcric G, roller replacement can be safely carried out by a single operative, who simply uses a hand pump to inflate the airbag and lift the conveyor belt off the rollers.

Once the Sparcric G has been installed and inflated, the operative has both hands free for quick, easy and safe roller replacement.

According to R Brunone, the device reduces the average roller replacement time by 50%.

The patented innovation, which is easy to transport and handle and simple to install and operate, is the result of R Brunone’s 25 years’ experience in the bulk handling industry, working in close collaboration with customers.

The CE-certified Sparcric G handling solution/lifting tool is available worldwide through the R. Brunone commercial network and can be utilized on both new and existing plants.

The Portable Vacuum Solutions division of Industrial Blower Services has recently been awarded the UK & Ireland distributorship for Brunone Innovation.

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