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Portable brake tester

Where a mechanical portable decelerometer fails to provide hard-copy test results and a roller brake tester is price-prohibitive, the new Bowmonk 2000 may offer a solution. Said to be the most up to date and versatile instrument available for both brake and skid testing and vehicle safety inspections, the device is portable, easy to use and produces hard-copy evidence of the test results on a built-in printer. All results are time and date stamped and the vehicle and examiner identification can be included.

For brake-testing applications, the unit will also calculate from the deceleration, time and slope, the vehicle speed at braking and the distance travelled. For heavy vehicle brake testing in mines and quarries, the Bowmonk 2000 measures brake effort, which takes into account the vehicle speed and ground slope.

The unit can also be used to measure vehicle acceleration profiles. When measuring acceleration rates the display will show the incremental speed increase since triggering and the time duration. A pedal force or hydraulic/air-pressure transducer (PFT) can be connected to the instrument to record the pedal force applied or brake system pressure used during the test.

The unit is capable of storing up to 150 tests that can be downloaded to a PC via a download smart module (DSM). 


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