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Ofqual visits MPQC Awarding Organisation

Mineral Products Qualification Council

Monitoring visit by regulator confirms that MPQC Awarding Organisation is fulfilling its remit

MPQC Awarding Organisation offers a range of accreditation services and qualifications, working directly with employers in the extractives, mineral products and other related manufacturing industries, ensuring all qualifications and products developed are responsive to the needs of the industry, flexible and quality assured, whilst also providing value to learners.

All qualifications developed are nationally recognized and regulated by the UK’s qualification regulators Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), the Welsh Government and SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority).

Established by the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act in 2009, Ofqual undertakes the responsibility for maintaining and monitoring standards in educational qualifications in both England and Northern Ireland, taking appropriate action if a risk to quality is perceived.

The role of Ofqual ensures learners are provided with access to high-quality qualifications that adhere to the appropriate standards and rules awarding organizations must comply with when designing, delivering and awarding regulated qualifications.

During January 2014, as part of its standard monitoring programme, Ofqual undertook a planned visit to MPQC Awarding Organisation, which provided it with full assurance of the established governance structures in place alongside the procedures for managing both risk and any conflicts of interest which may arise during the course of its business.

Assurance was also provided in relation to the methods in place in ensuring the needs of the industry are tended to in its requirements for training, skills, competence and qualifications. The outcome of the visit confirmed the Awarding Organisation is fulfilling the requirements of the General Conditions of Recognition with no further action being required.

Underpinned by general manager Roseanne Hayward, the Awarding Organisation team is supported by John Bussey, qualifications development manager who undertakes qualification development for the sector, reviewing those already in existence and ensuring compliance with the respective regulatory bodies.

The administration side of the organization is cared for by Ruth Swaby and Emma Bellingham, who between them manage areas concerning Centre approvals, registrations and certification in addition to assisting in the development of qualifications, National Occupational Standards, and accreditation.

For further information about MPQC Awarding Organisation tel: (0115) 972 6121; or email: [email protected]

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