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NSK launch Solutions App for bearing and linear products

NSK app

New app designed to help improve efficiency, reduce downtime and increase profitability for end-users

NSK have launched a new app that works alongside the company’s Asset Improvement Programme (AIP), to help improve efficiency, reduce breakdowns and improve profitability for industrial users. The NSK Solutions App guides users through a series of application scenarios to illustrate how substantial savings can be achieved by applying the right solution in challenging industrial situations.

The app is designed to help identify the root causes of problems and provide a guide to real-world applications where savings have been made. A range of potential solutions can be explored that have been achieved by using the structured AIP approach in combination with NSK’s high-quality products.  

Use of the app begins by choosing relevant industry sectors; they range from steel production and machine tools to quarrying and mining (with more sectors to come). Users can then decide to investigate solutions based around their specific applications, or select the prevailing conditions that relate to their own production site.

Within each sector there are a range of different application scenarios to choose from, allowing users to match their own equipment or conditions with examples provided by the app.  

Once a specific application has been selected, the app provides detailed ‘success stories’ on different industrial applications, all featuring NSK bearing, linear or ball screw products. Each application describes the issue that has been resolved and provides details of the product that solved the problem. It also provides a figure for the financial savings achieved through a combination of factors such as replacement costs, maintenance costs, consumables and downtime. The annual financial savings range from more than €20,000 through to €372,555.

The NSK AIP is designed to provide added benefits in operating costs, efficiency and profitability across all industry sectors. These are achieved by deliver tangible savings to assets, such as equipment and machinery, and also by improving the working knowledge of maintenance and engineering personnel.

NSK say they have helped hundreds of customers avoid major process pitfalls and achieve higher rates of productivity, saving them thousands of pounds every year. The company has specially developed the Solutions App to raise awareness of the savings that can be achieved by providing major practical solutions that users can relate directly to.

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