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New wash plant for Bagnall Construction

Staffordshire-based firm improves recycling operations with new Portafill 3000 washing plant

BAGNALL Construction have purchased a new Portafill 3000 mobile washing plant. The unit consists of a tracked Portafill 3000 rinsing screen, a sand dewatering system and associated pumps and pipework.

The Portafill plant is being used by Bagnall to clean filter media gravel that is utilized in filter beds by UK water companies. A key benefit of washing the existing gravel on site is that it minimizes the need to purchase new gravel, reducing both haulage and material costs. . As well as washing filter media, Bagnall are using the Portafill 3000 plant to wash C&D waste, sand and gravel.

The compact plant (10m x 11m) has been designed to take up a very small footprint. And due to its size, the wash unit can be easily transported around the country to the various sites involving the recycling of media gravel.

The Portafill 3000 washing plant is fitted with a double-deck rinsing screen, tipping grid and two on-board conveyors that stockpile the washed stone. The sand and water are delivered via rubber piping to the Portafill DW80 system where the sand is washed and stockpiled, while wastewater and silt are sent to settlement tanks/lagoons.

John O'Neill of Riverside Machinery commented: ‘The Portafill washing plant is a relatively new product in the UK market. Bagnall Construction have proved how easy the job is with the equipment and I have no doubt that the unit will be a very successful product for us.’

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