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New V-Ball flow control options from Bonomi


Bonomi add higher-precision flow control options to popular stainless-steel ball valve range

BONOMI (UK) Ltd have extended the scope of their stainless-steel ball valve with ISO 5211 direct mounting pad range (703000), with the addition of V-Ball options.

The new 700355 V-Ball full-bore stainless-steel ball valve allows users to achieve even greater stability and flow control accuracy. The vast majority of ball valves within the Valpres range are now available with the V-Ball option. Virtually any customer requirement can be catered for using V30-60, V60 and V90 patterns, with additional special patterns on request.

Available from 1/2in in all new sizes, V-Ball can be used with liquids and gases, allowing an accurate and precise flow control with a range up to 500:1. Each valve’s design has been validated using FEA (finite element analysis) software, CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software and flow loop testing. CV and KV curves are also available.

Using specialist VALPSIZE configuration software, valves can be sized (ISA 75.02, IEC 60534-2-1) checking fluid velocity, valve openings, noise and other critical issues. Valpres control valves are also available with a manual calibrated lever with opening and flow direction indication and can be configured with Valbia pneumatic or electric actuators to fit individual users’ flow control needs. 

The V-Ball range has undergone rigorous endurance testing at Bonomi’s Rubinetterie Bresciane laboratory and other third-party test facilities.

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