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New ‘Specialised Fuel’ plant at Tunstead

Specialised Fuel plant at Tunstead

Innovative fuel processing plant installation a positive environmental move for Tarmac cement works

IN an innovative move for the UK cement industry, Tarmac are making a positive environmental step by installing a waste-derived fuel processing plant at their Tunstead cement works, near Buxton, in Derbyshire. The plant is producing ‘Specialised Fuel’ – a unique type of solid recovered fuel (SRF) for use in the cement manufacturing process.

The fuel joins other already established waste-derived fuels at the site in helping Tarmac reduce their use of fossil fuels in the process. Waste-derived alternatives have a lower carbon footprint and allow the company to gain positive energy-from-waste materials, diverting them from landfill, the least attractive form of waste disposal.

Following an extensive study into various UK waste streams’ chemistry and physical properties, a new processing plant has been built adjacent to the cement production plant, giving the company easy and flexible access to the fuel. 

The project is the result of a partnership between Tarmac and their sister company Sapphire Energy Recovery, which supports the business nationally by providing alternative fuels and alternative raw materials to facilitate plants’ goals regarding carbon footprint and future developments.

David Wilson, Sapphire’s commercial manager, said: ‘Using waste-derived fuels is well established in the industry but having our own fuel processing plant on site is a first for us. This project, from initial concept to actual results, has been a fantastic collaborative experience between Sapphire’s commercial, technical, operational and environmental teams, with strong support from the Tarmac kiln and permitting teams. 

‘We can adjust the blend and amount we use to suit our process and ensure we have as much available as we need. The results have been very encouraging for Specialised Fuel, which is helping us to minimize our environmental impact.’

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Submitted by Jim Schermbeck (not verified) on

Lower carbon footprint, higher toxic output. This is a terrible idea that will result in more exotic poisons being inhaled by the surrounding population.

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