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New mobile welfare solutions from Garic

Garic drying room

Facilities manufacturer to unveil ‘world’s first self-sufficient solar-powered drying room’

GARIC, specialists in storage and mobile welfare solutions, will be using Plantworx as a UK launch pad to unveil the ‘world’s first self-sufficient solar-powered drying room’. Design-patented, the 10ft x 8ft drying unit, which features two changing benches and a coat rail, follows successful on-site trials by a client who wanted to find an alternative to existing costly-to-run mobile drying room facilities. 

Designed to help customers save up to 86% in energy costs, the new welfare room has a thermostatically controlled solar-powered, blown-air heating system supported by an oil burner for quicker and quieter drying. 

Utilizing solar energy for its electrical functions, the drying facility negates the need for traditional diesel-powered generators or input from mains electricity. Huge savings, therefore, can be gained, as well as environmental benefits. 

Taking their mobile welfare development a step further, Garic have developed a combined toilet and drying unit – the Eco 2+1+Dryer – that provides a 5ft x 7.8ft solar-powered drying room with separate male/female toilets. The company will also be showing accommodation units, environmental/dust pollution control products, storage facilities and lighting systems. 

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