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New FUCHS product with environmental benefits

PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40 engine oil

Company introduces Deutz-accredited biodegradable engine oil for commercial and off-highway vehicles

FUCHS Lubricants have enhanced their environmental credentials with the launch of PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40, a new biodegradable low-ash diesel engine oil suitable for commercial and off-highway vehicle diesel engines.

The new product has immediately gained the highest level of approval from engine manufacturers Deutz, who have awarded it DEUTZ DQC IV-18 LA accreditation. It is the first and, so far, only biodegradable engine oil with the approval.

Formulated using raw materials from renewable sources, the oil is particularly recommended for engines fitted with exhaust after-treatment, such as DPF, SCR, EGR, and with alternative diesel fuels. It also meets ACEA E6 and E7, giving it excellent all-round coverage.

Andy Brown, UK automotive technical manager at FUCHS Lubricants, said: ‘We have worked extremely closely with DEUTZ on this product and are delighted to have secured that notable approval.

‘The product is suitable for engines with the highest power rating and highest thermal stress, as well as meeting requirements for piston cleanliness and providing extended oil drain intervals.

‘We are extremely proud of the environmental and sustainability benefits which come with using this product.’

Biodegradable engine oils have, in the past, often been prone to attacking seals and other plastic materials in the engine but, according to FUCHS, these problems have now been eliminated and PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40 has passed all necessary elastomer compatibility tests by API and ACEA.

PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40 is designed to provide outstanding oxidation stability and high detergency performance to provide excellent engine cleanliness.

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