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New FlexiROC D55 drill rig for EPC-UK

FlexiROC D55 drill rig

EPC-UK’s contract fleet renewal continues with new Epiroc FlexiROC D55 delivered to Criggion Quarry

EPC-UK, specialists in the manufacture, storage and distribution of commercial explosives, and drilling and blasting services, are continuing to invest in their contract drilling capabilities with the acquisition of a new FlexiROC D55 rig from Epiroc.

Delivered to Hanson’s Criggion Quarry, in Wales, the FlexiROC D55 is one of seven new Epiroc rigs that form part of a scheduled renewal of EPC-UK’s fleet during 2019.

According to Epiroc, the D55’s high-performance capabilities in both quarry and mine environments perfectly match EPC-UK’s high standards for innovation and safety, whilst also delivering in terms of economy and productivity.

The rig will be used to drill 4–5in diameter holes and is capable of achieving depths of up to 40m. With free air delivery of 729 cubic feet per minute (345 litres/s) at 30-bar pressure, the D55 is designed to deliver a 20% faster penetration rate than a 25-bar drill rig, thereby providing greater fuel efficiency and more cost-effective results.

The FlexiROC D55 model has been part of the EPC-UK fleet for some time and has proven to be an important part of their drilling operations. With its compact footprint, it is an easily transportable machine designed with safety and innovation at its core.

Ben Coppock, national operations manager at EPC-UK, said: ‘As specialists within the drilling and blasting sector, we only invest in the most suitable, efficient equipment. Epiroc provide this for us with their drill rig product range.’

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