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New Cavex hydrocyclones from Weir Minerals

Cavex hydrocyclones

Company launches polyurethane and ceramic tile-lagged versions in the European market

WEIR Minerals have launched two new versions of their heavy-duty Cavex hydrocyclones in the European market.

The new Cavex CVXU polyurethane hydrocyclones and Cavex CVXT ceramic tile-lined hydrocyclones are designed to withstand severe abrasion and join the existing range of Cavex cyclones from Glasgow-based Weir Minerals.

The unique shape of Cavex hydrocyclones features a laminar spiral inlet geometry that allows the slurry to follow a natural path without encountering any sharp edges. This reduces turbulence inside the cyclone which helps maximize separation efficiency, hydraulic capacity and extend wear life, while minimizing localized wear on the feed chamber and vortex finder.

Alongside the polyurethane hydrocyclones, ceramic tile-lined Cavex CVXT hydrocyclones are available to order and offer a solution to abrasive and chemically-active applications where rubber linings are not suitable. Engineered, slip-cast tiles and shaped components deliver the same advanced geometry in an exceptionally resilient material, robust enough for even the most demanding of applications.

Tony G. Locke, managing director of Weir Minerals Europe, said: ‘Cavex hydrocyclones are highly regarded for their proven hydraulic efficiency and durability in harsh environments, and the range of lining materials available makes them ideal for highly erosive and corrosive applications.

‘We are committed to ensuring our products perform with optimum efficiency and offer a low lifetime cost of ownership. Our customers also have the peace of mind that support will be available, wherever the equipment is used, through our extensive service and aftermarket offering.’

Weir Minerals Europe deliver end-to-end solutions for all mining, transportation, milling, processing, waste-management and comminution processes across a range of industries and in more than 30 different countries in Europe.

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