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New board appointment at EPC-UK

Ian Davies

Ian Davies brings extensive industry knowledge and business acumen to new role as commercial director

EPC-UK have appointed Ian Davies to the board of directors. With more than 40 years’ experience within the explosives industry and having been a member of the EPC-UK team for over 16 years, he has joined the board as commercial director, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role, which commenced on 24 June 2020.

After graduating from Leeds University in 1980, Mr Davies (pictured) began his career in the gold mines of South Africa and before joining AECI as an explosives engineer with responsibility for the Northern Transvaal area, servicing a number of copper chrome, gold mines and quarries.

He then returned to the UK where he spent the next 20 years in the commercial explosives sector, before joining EPC-UK as commercial manager for explosives and services in 2004. 

‘I have been extremely lucky with my career over the past 40 years, in that I have enjoyed almost every moment of it,’ explained Mr Davies. ‘Over this time there have been a great many changes, from ongoing technological advancements to innovative product developments, all of which have helped to create the pioneering industry in which we work today.

‘EPC-UK are one of these pioneers, a progressive company at the leading edge of technology, and part of my role as commercial director is to take this progression beyond 2020. I will be working closely with the board and our customers to ensure we align our vision and strategy through our formal commercial arrangements, keeping us accountable and ensuring transparency at all times.

‘I will also be a ‘link’ man between the board and the wider EPC-UK team. Maintaining my day-to-day responsibilities will not only provide insight into all levels of the business, but will also allow me to support in the communication of the board’s plans to our employees, continuing to reinforce the engagement in our ‘SPIRIT’ values and to encourage active participation in the future direction of the company.’

Ben Williams, managing director of EPC-UK, added: ‘Ian has been an integral member of the EPC-UK team since he first arrived. His extensive industry knowledge and commercial acumen has been instrumental in the ongoing success of the company. We are delighted to welcome him to the EPC-UK board of directors and are excited about what the future holds.’

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Submitted by Nigel Taylor ( ... (not verified) on

Well done Ian, a great addition to the EPC Board and to the Industry as well as the Company.

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