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N.E Surfacing choose Volvo again for front-line paver

Volvo P6870C paver

Company purchases second Volvo P6870C wheeled paver to replace three-year-old predecessor

N.E Surfacing Ltd of Rayne, Essex, have chosen Volvo once again with the recent purchase of a second P6870C wheeled paver, to replacing its three-year-old predecessor.

‘We’ve been very pleased with the performance and reliability of the P6870C over the last three years but, more importantly, we’ve been impressed with the level of after-market support, care and attention we’ve received from the team at SMT GB,’ commented joint director Darren Jones.

‘Wanting to keep our front-line machine fresh and in tip-top condition, we had an opportunity to replace the three-year-old unit for a new model with some additional features added to it, so choosing another Volvo made perfect sense,’ he continued.

‘The overall build quality and low noise emissions are impressive, and it lays an exceptionally high-quality mat. The machine is highly manoeuvrable and demonstrates superior ground clearance when working around raised ironwork. Our crews appreciate the user-friendliness of the Volvo paver as well.’

Powered by a Tier 4i D6 Volvo engine that develops 175hp, at the heart of the P6870C is the EPM II – an electronic paver-management system that incorporates a ‘Settings Management’ system, allowing the operator to store up to 12 parameter settings for the major functions, such as screed temperature, tamping and vibrating, conveyor, auger, and paving speeds.

The machine is also equipped with other unique features such as ‘Smart Power’, which offers optimum power for the job at hand, together with 6×6 ‘Smart Drive’ technology for superior, continuous independent traction control over all six wheels. Even on the most difficult bases, tractive forces are automatically adjusted according to the weight of material in the machine’s 12-tonne capacity hopper.

The P6870C, which has a variable screed width of between 2.5m and 5m in standard configuration, as supplied to N.E Surfacing, but can be fitted with optional extensions to provide widths up to 9m, has a theoretical output of up to 700 tonnes/h at varying screed widths and depths. It also demonstrates a high degree of manoeuvrability, thanks to the ‘Active Steering’ feature with an inside turning radius of just 2.5m.

Joint directors Darren Jones and Dave Parker established N.E Surfacing Ltd just seven years ago. The company now employs around 30 personnel and undertakes surfacing contracts throughout the country.

The new paver has been supplied in a white livery with a striking poppy motif and the words; ‘Lest we forget’ sign written on the machine sides, together with the silhouette of a First World War soldier; a gesture of respect from the owners and employees of N.E Surfacing Ltd.

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