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More new trucks for Quinn

Mercedes-Benz lorry

Company’s fleet-replenishment programme continues with 14 new Mercedes mountain lorries

AS part of Quinn’s fleet-replenishment programme, the company has recently taken delivery of a total of 14 new Mercedes mountain lorries. The first of the lorries arrived on site in July 2017, with the last four lorries delivered at the end of May 2018.

All 14 lorries are now in use at Quinn’s Doon and Swanlinbar quarries, transporting rock to the Quinn Cement plant.

The receipt of the new lorries marks the latest phase of an ongoing fleet replenishment programme, which is taking place over a four-year period with a multi-million pound investment.

On completion of the programme, older vehicles and plant machinery will be replaced with new models, ensuring the safety of the fleet and reducing the overall environmental impact through the upgrades.

The new mountain lorries are more efficient than the vehicles they have replaced as they carry a bigger payload. All these trucks are rated to work at 50 tonnes gross weight, giving them a payload of around 33 tonnes, depending on the body.

Ten of the new lorries’ bodies were manufactured, fitted and painted by C-Tec Engineering of Magherafelt, who have also manufactured many other bodies for Quinn as part of the fleet replenishment, including tar tippers and off-loaders.

Each of the final four lorries, which have recently arrived on site, has a body that was manufactured in Italy by Drago and transported in kit form to Ireland to be assembled, painted and fitted by Gleeson Steel & Engineering in Tipperary.

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