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Monitoring hot bitumen levels

Milltronics' IQ Radar 160 unit measures levels in extreme temperatures up to 200oC and in vaporous atmospheres.

Using microwave-pulse technology, operation of the IQ Radar 160 is unaffected by high temperatures and pressures, vacuums or mediums stratified with vapours or gases. It is also unaffected by turbulence or agitation, providing measurement at ranges of up to 15m. It is, therefore, suitable for use on hot bitumen tanks in coating plants.

The top-mounted unit consists of a transmitter/receiver, a dielectric rod antenna and a microprocessor-based signal processor. Short pulses of electromagnetic energy are transmitted through the chemically immune PTFE rod antenna towards the surface of the bitumen and are reflected back. The transit time of the reflected radar signal is measured using Milltronics' Sonic Intelligence echo-processing techniques. The level or volume of bitumen is displayed in standard engineering units.


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