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MOBA MDS-2000 drilling system


The MDS-2000 drilling system from MOBA Mobile Automation AG is being used for the first time at a quarry in South America. In order to monitor and control the drilling of blastholes at the granite quarry in Vacamonte, Panama, MOBA have equipped an HCR-1200 EDII-type drill rig from FRD Furukawa Rock Drill with the drilling system in collaboration with B-B-S Bohrsysteme. 

‘We’re very happy with the MDS-2000; the system allows for efficient machine resource planning and exact drilling of the blastholes,’ said Jose Alvarez De Soto, general director of FRD Latin America.

‘With the MDS-2000, holes can be drilled exactly parallel to each other to the desired depth and at the preset angle. This facilitates controlled blasting with smooth brims, which makes quarry work safer. Faulty drill holes or re-drilling is prevented, which reduces both time and financial expenditures.’

The MDS-2000 works with a two-axis slope sensor (with an angular range of ± 60°) as well as three rotary sensors. The sensors record all drilling data, such as drill hole depth, drill angle and drilling time, and forward them to the controller where they are processed and displayed.

With the integrated MTS-001 telematics system, information can be exchanged between the drilling device and the office in a timely manner; all drilling and machine data is sent to a server via a GSM module. From this server, the data can be loaded and displayed on a PC or a mobile device with Internet capabilities. This means the current status of the project and the machine can be called up from the office or anywhere else at any time. In addition, the position of the machine is displayed on a digital map.

‘We decided on the MOBA MDS-2000 because the telemetric data transfer makes machine use transparent and simpler to plan, plus data management is considerably easier,’ said Jo Schmidt, executive of B-B-S Bohrsysteme.

With the quick transfer of data, machine use can be optimized and drilling results can be evaluated immediately and applied to blasting plans. Information is saved in the MOBA data file and can be sorted according to the date, operator or project, as desired. Obtaining a clear overview at the press of a button and managing data in Excel, PDF or HTML format is also possible with this system.

All data appears on the machine operator’s 5in HMI GD-320 display. This operating unit was designed specially for mobile applications and fulfils protection class IP67. A digital output can be switched on the MC-120 controller via telematic data transfer through the remote control of the machine. This direct connection to the system can be used, for example, to access the motor control and stop the motor remotely, thereby preventing theft or misuse.

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